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Huard's Jujitsu & Karate Inc.
234 Clinton Ave
Winslow, Me 04901
(207) 873-0407

To contact us by email try any other following emails- all are good for general questions and are also more specific for certain subject matter.

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Class Times

We at Huard's offer fine martial arts instruction regarding the following classes. Please email or call us anytime!

Our basic overall program is a mixture of jujitsu and karate/kickboxing for all students. Full details on what we teach can be found under our programs page.

Little Tiger Program: This is the class for the little tykes! In case you have not heard our private school is famous for little ones. For ages 4-7, this class teaches the basics slowly and with added fun and excitement so the kids can enjoy and learn true martial arts at the same time. Classes are held on Saturday mornings, and early Friday evenings. Class is held once per week!

Dragons Class: This class is for more school age children, ages 8-12. The class teaches a more detailed look at the styles we offer and gets your youngster seriously involved in practice. Competition is also available at this level. The classes are held weekdays mon- thur, from 4-7 pm and meet twice per week.

General Adult Program: This is a combo of karate/kickboxing, jujitsu/grappling. Here adults are challenged to take hold of a life-long endeavor full of fun, friendship and martial knowledge. This program covers striking, grappling and chanbara in great detail. The martial arts mean much more than just physical prowess, you learn respect, control, and how to work with fellow players. Adult classes are mon-thur at 7:00pm and 8:15pm each night.

Executive over 35 yrs of age: Same as the general adult program above- yet just a tad more slower paced and less physical- really a super class for the professional working mom or dad or just for someone wanting to train without any chance of injuries. A very popular choice these days! The class meets 2 nights per week 7:00pm.

* Mixed Martial Arts: The MMA class meets 2 nights per week at 8:15pm. This teaches striking in a more mma oriented kickboxing/ muay thai style, lots of thai pad work is done, and clinching is involved as well. Grappling is all about takedowns and takedown defense and also hitting on the ground more so than regular jujitsu. Of course submissions are a mainstay in this class too. A fantastic new age style. Join us!

Other class availability: We also offer women's self defense, and law enforcement combat training throughout the year at various times by group appointments. Give us a try we have had great reviews of past seminars and clinics working with both local law agencies and business groups with female workers..