Martial Arts offers much more than just kicking, punching, and wrestling. It teaches students to be proud, have honor, and be successful in life! Here at our Exclusive private martial arts club we teach all sorts of bright-eyed kids. We truly take great pride in seeing these children learn the wonderful benefits that the martial arts have to offer.

Over the last 20 years our school has become famous for having so many young students. The word is out Huard's is the place to take your young child, they care and cater to this most important section of student enrollment. Nothing is more pleasing than to see all our young students grow up with the arts and then become fine citizens in the local community. There is no doubt our teachings play an important role in a child's development of a good attitude, decent respect, confidence and proper self-control. We take these aspects very seriously.

Kids: Please have good conduct and respect at home. Abide by house rules, do your chores/homework, love your parents, and family members the best you can and always remember a winner in life has a lot to do with how you treat others.

Make sure to not give in to peer pressure, and Say no to drugs and alcohol.

The physical skills, exercise and the right to always get to participate also add to this fine investment in your child's future. Our goal is to reinforce both home and school programs to help your child live a more positive life . . . For the Martial Arts last a lifetime.

Parents read about these benefits and words of advice:

The Martial Arts can build confidence and self-esteem for your child. Every single player always gets to participate and play, there are never any bench warmers in this game.

Goal setting in regards to belt rank makes a youngster proud and has them set goals that can carry over to every day life.

Exercise is sometimes called the fountain of youth and good health, so we all know how important and valuable a good karate/jujitsu workout can be. IT'S FUN TOO!

Be aware when choosing a school, like anything else there are good ones and probably a few bad chioces along the way. MEET THE OWNERS, TEACHERS, OTHER PARENTS, AND ATTEND A CLASS ETC ETC, take the time to search out the right choice for your youngster. It could be one of the best investments you will ever make in their future.

**We truly would love to have your child become part of our long tradition of teaching youth in the central Maine area - Join us!