Mind & Spirit

"The body's movements and posture is explained in the martial arts. However, in reality, the highest point is the posture of the mind and spirit."

8 Dojo Virtues (Qualities to admire in life)

1. Benevolence
2. Courage
3. Discipline
4. Grace
5. Kindness
6. Loyalty
7. Manners
8. Truthfullness

We ask all students to develop these qualities more deeply, and to use them in everyday life. Seeking a more healthy and positive lifestyle filled with peace and harmony is an achievement sent from the heavens.

Spiritual Health Creed (Yojo Shiketsu)

As taught by Takamatsu Sensei to Tanemura Sensei.

The 4 Main points to preserve spiritual health:

1. AVOID ANGER - to preserve personality. Being patient requires more effort than becoming angry. With humility develop your personality.

2. AVOID EXCESSIVE WORRYING - to preserve the nerves. Do not spend too much time thinking about trivial worries, otherwise you may become ill. Worry less and develop strong nerves.

3. AVOID OVER SPEAKING -to preserve the spirit. Refrain from too much jibber jabber so that you may store up the power of your spirit.

4. AVOID DESIRE - to preserve the heart. The problems of the mind are often related to desire, "I WANT THIS, AND I WANT THAT." Try hard to avoid such desire all the time and, instead, cultivate a good mind and heart.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Live it more positively and look for the good things to guide you.

Remember this, Your spirit can not be torn away, nor can it be stolen from you. The Physical powers we have within can not be separated from the rationale of the mind and the strong emotions of our hearts.

It is these three pieces of our inner puzzle, BODY/MIND/HEART, that equal this strange fantastic thing we call SPIRIT!

Life is a journey down a special path of many twists and turns. As we seek enlightment and happiness we must grow at every bend in the road.

Your destiny awaits you, embrace and strive to live a more spiritual life!

RESPECT is a crucial word when it comes to the arts! All students should have respect for the following individuals:

Family Members
Fellow Students
Your Dojo
Bus Drivers
School Property

And any other situation/person where respect is called for and merited.

Dojo Creed:

I the student respect others
My aim is high my journey long I may stumble
I stay humble
For I will never strike unless in need
I am a follower of this worthy creed.

Use the following mantras in time of great stress or nervousness, or just for overall good health. Mantras were created by great spiritual leaders- and these sounds do make a difference.

WENG AR HONG – pronounced wung ar hohng. This is a great healing mantra- the sound will vibrate your inner ki and make you feel better, and more relaxed too.

AR MI TUO FUO - pronounced ar mee toe foe. This is a very powerful mantra to purify your body, mind, and soul- Great peace awaits you- and peace is a martial artists greatest victory.

With age comes wisdom, with youth a powerful body can be attained- It is at all times we wish practitioner’s of all styles great success in their journey down the martial arts road to spiritual inner peace. – The Huard’s Family