Our School Program Listing (what we teach)

Our dojo offers several special programs. We teach all ages from 4 – 60 years old. Each course is designed to focus in on certain styles of Martial Arts. Each style in its own right also combines not only self-defense, but also fitness, sport if called for, and overall well being.

Kids Program – Probably the most popular of all our classes is the kids program. We have seen nearly 5,000 young children walk through our doors the past 40 years and we truly enjoy teaching youngsters. Nothing is more gratifying then seeing these youngsters grow up to be fine citizens of the Central Maine community or anywhere in the country.

While teaching the children we always try to make the setting fun and exciting as well as a discipline for learning. The two combined have been a winning formula for us along the way.

The basic kids program as far a styles go combines Jujitsu and Karate, and Padded weapons. The kids learn how to fight via Karate and Kickboxing skills and also enter Karate events if they so choose. We have a sport Karate team called the HSK Team and have turned out many state and regional champs. Safety for us is always a main concern, and all classes are always supervised. Kids perform traditional Shotokan Karate katas for concentration and discipline as well. The kids also have the option to learn various weapons for sport throughout their more advanced training.

Jujitsu is taught as well to all younger children in the program. The kids learn to grapple with a gi on and perform wrestling type holds and throws. We do not stress painful submissions to younger kids until they become a little more advanced. Grappling type competitions are offered to the kids too.

Chanbara or padded weapons are also taught to all the young ones. Full contact safe sparring is learned and the kids have a blast sparring with the famous weapons of the Samurai in class.

Basic Adult Program- is a combo of styles below- each class is one hour long. All classes are supervised and safety is always top priority.

Karate/Kickboxing: We teach a combination of traditional Shotokan Karate and American competition style. Sparring in class is done hard and solid with limited power to the head areas. Traditional forms are taught for focus as well as sport karate competition moves for those interested. Kickboxing with full contact applications is also available. Karate and kickboxing are striking forms of martial arts, consisting of stretching, punching, kicking, blocking, forms, and free style sparring. We often hit the Muay Thai pads as well in the basic classes.

Jujitsu/Grappling: We offer a combination of traditional and combat style jujitsu. Jujitsu is a martial arts form of grappling, meaning methods of self-defense are taught using throwing, joint locking, choking, striking, leg locking, and/or pressure points. Competition fighting is available for those interested in getting into the ring. Techniques of throwing and takedowns are taught, plus many MMA type techniques are in the mix as well.




Chanbara: Chanbara is full contact weapons sparring and practice. The art utilizes state of the art soft-flex weaponry. This exciting new sport is sweeping the country from Japan. Chanbara lets you the practitioner use swords, staves, spears, knives, and nunchucku like never before, and injury free too. It’s really great exercise and a whole lot of fun.

MMA - The MMA class meets 2 nights per week. This teaches striking in a more MMA oriented kickboxing/ Muay Thai style, lots of Thai pad work is done, and clinching is involved as well. Grappling is all about takedowns and takedown defense and also hitting on the ground more so than regular jujitsu. Of course submissions (see jujitsu above) are a mainstay in this class too. A fantastic new age style. Join us!

Executive 35 & Older: Same as the general adult program above- yet just a tad more slower paced and less physical- really a super class for the professional working mom or dad or just for someone wanting to train without any chance of injuries. A very popular choice these days! The training is always a nice mixture of karate, kickboxing and Thai pad work, and jujitsu. The class meets 2 nights per week.

Women’s Self-defense & Awareness: Our school has taught a large amount of local female citizens throughout the years. Knowledge is power in regards to defending ones self. Have your Business or teen group sign up today.

Law Enforcement/Police Combat: Huard’s Martial Arts has taught local law officers for many years now, including sheriff departments and local PD. A hands on practical program for on the job confrontations. The training puts strong focus on control tactics such as armbars, pressure points and hold-downs. Ground combat situations are defined fully.

Summer Boot Camp- Each summer we host a terrific summer camp with plenty of fun activities and excellent instruction in various martial arts- ask us about the fun!

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Belt Ranking System

Our colored belt system exists to stimulate the desire to progress and set goals while studying the martial arts.

Each rank represents a combination of the arts of jujitsu, karate, and chanbara. A belt ranking is based on one’s physical skills, mental ability, dedication to the arts, and to one having a positive attitude.

The grades range from white belt - black belt. Middle belts include yellow, blue, green and brown belts. MMA rank has only white, blue, purple, brown, and black.

Each individual must have great dedication in order to achieve high rank at our private school. The martial arts are an art form and they offer much more to the quality of ones life other than just dominating physical attributes. The training is a life-long quest, an adventure that will enhance your quality of living. Study hard and have a strong spirit!